Do I really Need Renter’s Insurance?

Renter's insurance protects you against losses from fire, smoke, flood, or other disasters.Renter’s Insurance is the most affordable, but often overlooked insurance coverage available.  Landlords for residential rental property typically carry insurance on the structure of the home or apartment, but not the renter's contents. Without any coverage, you can lose a great deal in the event of a problem.

For example, your neighbor’s apartment catches fire and your clothing, furniture, and other belongings are damaged by smoke, fire or water. Your landlord’s insurance covers damage to the building, but it typically will not cover your personal losses.  Unless you have a renter's policy, you could lose the majority of your belongings with no way to replace them.

Renter’s Insurance bridges the gap. For just a few dollars per year, you can insure your belongings. 

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