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Becky Delbart | Morris Insurance Services, Hurricane, WV

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Becky Delbart

How do you describe yourself?
Caring, Compassionate, and Friendly

Who was your most influential school teacher and why?  
My 1st grade teacher Barbara Wallace. Mrs. Wallace cared about her students, and treated them like family. She heard our house burnt one evening and looked for my sister and I until she found us because she couldn’t stand the thoughts of us going one night without a toy or a change of clothes.

What foreign languages have you studied?
I took 3 years of Latin and 1 year of Japanese. I also know some sign language.

What Was Your First Job?
I worked 2 hours an evening as a feeder at Morris Memorial Nursing Home. I would feed the patients that couldn’t feed themselves, clean all tables on the 2nd floor and empty all the trash.

What is something no one knows about you?
When I was 19 I wrecked my mom’s very first new car. I flipped the car 3 times and it landed on its top. If I had been wearing my seatbelt I would have been decapitated.