Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, you work hard to cultivate and maintain your business. But there are a number of risks that could threaten what you've built. Morris Insurance Services understands the risks and the options available to your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.


No matter what type of business you own, your place of business is the center of everything. Without it, you cannot operate. Morris Insurance Services has helped hundreds of businesses in the Teays Valley and Huntington, WV, area ensure they are protected. Our commercial property insurance can be customized to fit any special needs for your business. Other features of our policies are:

Income Protection - Your business income is guaranteed, as specified by the plan, if your business is suspended because of property damage.

Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown - Provides coverage for boilers, pressure vessels, refrigeration systems and other mechanical systems used in your organization.

Additional Property Protection - Covers items located outside your business location, such as fences, walks, trees, and merchandise in shipment.

Supplemental Property Protection - Provides coverage for exterior signs, lights and other features, as well as other areas that are affected by a business disaster.

Liability Coverage - Provides coverage for customers and others entering your business on a daily basis. Contact us for specific details.