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Etta McCormick | Morris Insurance Services, Hurricane, WV

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Etta McCormick


How do you describe yourself?   
Friendly and outgoing person

Who was your most influential School teach and why?

What led you to choose insurance as your career?
Actually it sort of found me, I had just quit my previous job of 16 years, a General Manager of the same company knew I had a strong work ethic, that I was loyal and dedicated. He helped me get an interview with Morris Insurance Services and I have loved the Insurance Business ever since.

What foreign languages have you studied? 

First job? 
WV Department of Highways , a Summer Youth Work Program at the age of 14 years old, it was an opportunity for under privilege kids to earn money for them and their family, I was one of those kids you saw cutting brush and picking up trash along the highways, and it taught me great lessons for life.

Spending time with my family, Square Dancing, and of course shopping.

What do you love about working at MIS?  
Hum.. that’s a tough one, there’s so many great things  about MIS.  We have some of the best clients who have become like family, good co-workers, but I would honestly have to say, having TJ as a boss is pretty awesome.  He truly appreciates his employees and really expresses it.  He’s family oriented which means a lot to a working mom. Just an all-around great boss that so many dream of working for.  So, I am truly blessed.

What is your favorite food?
Pizza, Lasagna, Spaghetti, most anything Italian.

If you were a superhero who would you be?
I really don’t believe in Superhero’s, my heroes are the men and women serving or have served in our Military Forces fighting for mine , my families and your freedoms and for Our Great Nation.

What is something no knows about you?   
That I am a pretty strong and tough individual, but they don’t know what I’ve went through to have these qualities.