Should I Take the Insurance When Renting a Car?


At Morris Insurance Services, we get questions about rental cars all the time, especially during vacation seasion. "If I rent a car, should I take out the rental car insurance coverage from the rental company?"

Can You Recognize A Credit Card Skimmer?

Paying for gas at the pump allows you to be on your way quickly. But, recent news reports of credit card skimmers in the Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas have people thinking twice about filling up.

Keeping your Information Safe While Using Public WiFi

In today’s world, we regularly use public Wifi access for our cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Whether you are at a coffee shop, restaurant, or even the grocery store, wifi is readily available. And who doesn't want to conserve the cell phone data plan!

But, how do you know your information is safe? Here are some tips from Erie Insurance to stay secure when using public wifi from Erie Insurance.


Stay Safe During Your Weekend Travels

With Labor Day weekend upon us, many people are planning one last get away to end the summer. The staff at Morris Insurance Services wants to make sure you and your family stay safe when traveling.

How Much Life Insurance Do I really Need?

Buying life insurance is a task most of us don’t want to think about. But, it’s an important step to making sure your family is secure after you are gone. Determining how much insurance you need can be an overwhelming proposition.

New Homeowner Checklist

Buying a house is a big decision and can definitely change your life. You get the advantages of living in a place that’s all your own, but there are so many new responsibilities that fall on your plate: mowing the lawn, painting the house, taking care of that washing machine yourself when it starts spraying water, rather than calling a super or a landlord. These new responsibilities often wind up leading to big new bills.

Urgent: Preventing Busted Pipes in Frigid Weather

With temperatures in the Huntington-Charleston, WV, area expected to go down to -17, we at Morris Insurance Services remind everyone to leave their water running for the duration of the cold snap. Our houses in this region of the country were not built for such frigid temperatures, pipes are vulnerable to freezing and busting. Here are a few tips to keep your house safe:

Driving on Ice

With temperatures well below freezing for the foreseeable future here in West Virginia, we will all be faced with the probability of driving on icy roads. In addition to making sure your car is properly equipped to handle the weather, we need to sharpen our driving skills.