Urgent: Preventing Busted Pipes in Frigid Weather

With temperatures in the Huntington-Charleston, WV, area expected to go down to -17, we at Morris Insurance Services remind everyone to leave their water running for the duration of the cold snap. Our houses in this region of the country were not built for such frigid temperatures, pipes are vulnerable to freezing and busting. Here are a few tips to keep your house safe:

Driving on Ice

With temperatures well below freezing for the foreseeable future here in West Virginia, we will all be faced with the probability of driving on icy roads. In addition to making sure your car is properly equipped to handle the weather, we need to sharpen our driving skills.

Preventing Pipes from Freezing

Frozen water pipes and the damage they can cause are a reality for thousands of people each year. That’s especially the case when you have weather like we are experiencing here in West Virginia.

Keep Your Business Safe During the Brutal Winter Storms

Is your business prepared for severe weather with dangerous wind and snow this winter?

To effectively and successfully prepare for and respond to unexpected events, a business should have a recovery plan to assist with the three phases of a disaster: preparing, responding and recovering. If you don’t, here are some last minute things you can do to help ensure your business is prepared for a winter storm.

We Have Expanded

If you've driven by the Morris Insurance Services office recently, you may not have recognized it! We have expanded our office space to better serve the needs of our customers. We also gave the building a complete facelift! If you haven't seen our office, we invite you to stop by and see for yourself!

Tips for a Safe and Happy New Year's Celebration

With the Christmas celebration wrapping up, everyone is turning their attention to New Year’s Eve. A variety of celebrations are set throughout the Tri-State area. Some of the more popular celebrations are listed below:

What You Need in Restaurant Insurance

As a restaurant owner, what you need in restaurant insurance probably includes coverage for your building, your business personal property, the personal property of others in your care, liability and employee on-the-job injuries.

Weather Woes: Frozen Pipes

When the temperature drops, frozen pipes are one of the biggest risks of property damage. In fact, a burst pipe can result in more than $5,000 in water damage, according to safety experts at the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS).

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is here! Lots of little ghouls and goblins will soon be making their way around the neighborhoods. Just a few reminders from SafeKids.org to help keep Halloween a safe, fun time for kids throughout the Kanawha Valley.

Keeping Your Cool While Driving

We've all been there. Someone cuts you off in traffic and almost makes you wreck. Every day, we encounter scenarios that can make your temper boil. But, reacting is usually not in our best interest.