Staying Safe while using Public WIFI

Public wifi can create security issues.

Whether you are in a coffee shop, grocery store, movie theater or hotel, Wi-Fi access is a convenient way to stay connected and get more done. But how safe is your local Wi-Fi?  Here are some things to keep in mind before you connect:


Watch for face Wi-Fi Access Points. These systems are set up to look like the real deal but are run by hackers. Basically, the hackers will access your information for banking account logins, credit cards, or other financial information.  Fake wi-fi can be difficult to identify. Always make sure that you are sure of who is running the network BEFORE you connect. Ask an employee for clarification. If you can’t identify the network, don’t use it.  If a network is not password protected, it is probably best to skip it.


Never set your phone up to automatically connect to a public Wi-Fi network. Automatic connections should only be set up for secured home or work networks.  Once you have finished using a public network, disconnect from it and have your device “forget” the network. If your phone is allowed to actively connect, a hacker could take advance by spoofing a legitimate WIFI name.

Don’t access financial or shopping sites while using public Wi-Fi.  If you want to shop from Amazon, do it from the safety of your secured home network, not the local coffee shop.  Hackers can intercept your login information even on secure networks.

Use your phone’s hotspot feature. If you are working in a public location, the safest option for Wi-Fi is to enable your phone’s hotspot. Check with your cell phone provider to understand your plan’s options so that you don’t find yourself with a hefty bill.


While we all enjoy being connected wherever we are, keep in mind that hackers are connected and ready to take advantage of any vulnerabilities. Keeping your information safe should be a top priority no matter where you connect.