Staying Safe when Traveling

With all the hype and horror stories surrounding the Winter Olympics in Sochi, it's surprising just how many risks exist when we travel. If you are traveling international, those risks are even more!

Taking a trip is supposed to be an enjoyable, relaxing experience, however things can go wrong very quickly. But with a  little preparation and some simple precautions, you can keep your trip safe and happy.

Social media sites, such as Facebook. Twitter and Instagram, seem like a great way to keep touch while traveling. However, beware of posting too much information. Posting vacation statuses or photos can provide much more information than you intend. If location services are enabled on your phone, for example, everyone will know you are posting from Miami, and your home and cars are probably unguarded.

Counting down the days until your Bahamas cruise or your extended vacation in Mexico may seem like a good idea. But, criminals have access to that information, too. Knowing when you are leaving and how long you are gone gives them the perfect opportunity to break into your house undetected. Innocent posts like "Just dropped of Spot at the kennel. We are on our way!" lets a thief know he can now access your home and the dog won't be there to alert anyone. It's a better idea to wait until you return home to post those amazing pictures that will make your friends envious.

Florida's Sun Sentinel provides some additional tips to keep in mind while traveling. 

The U.S. Department of State offers travelers, especially those traveling abroad, a full list of things to consider.  

Don't forget to check your insurance coverage before a trip. Contact the experts at Morris Insurance Services and we'll be happy to make sure you are covered.